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We no longer offer domain registration via Twitter.

Twitter Domain Name Registration by Netfirms
Netfirms Twitter Domain Registration
An Industry First: Accredited registrar and host, Netfirms, leverages the social networking platform Twitter to make domain registration easier.

Sign up for a free Netfirms account and complete your Billing Profile once you log in. Purchase a domain at our low price of $7.99 or sign up with an existing domain you already own. (Existing clients can skip this step)
Add your Twitter account information inside your Netfirms Control Panel. (For a free Twitter account, sign up here)
Log in to your Twitter account and send a Direct Message to @Netfirms. Your Direct Message should contain the following text: reg (replace with the new domain you wish to register. We'll send you a direct message confirming the registration of the domain.

We have just announced an innovative new domain name registration service via the popular social networking service Twitter. You can register a domain name immediately, from wherever you are making this a huge productivity saver, and makes sure that your creativity doesn't go to waste.

Domain Registration Instructions:

The process is quite simple. You send a Direct Message to Netfirms via Twitter asking us to register a domain name for you. If the domain name is available we will register it for you and automatically add it to your existing Netfirms Control Panel and bill to your current billing profile. The only prerequisite is that you add your Twitter username to your Netfirms Control Panel. Please visit our tutorial with full details on setting yourself up for domain registration via Twitter. The instructions should be completed once only and you're good to go after that.

Netfirms Twitter Domain Registration Tutorial