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Advanced Features  

9.2 Using Apache .htaccess and Mod-Rewrite
Netfirms provides support for advanced Apache webserver features such as password protection, URL rewriting and custom error pages through .htaccess files.
  1. Click the Site Tools menu tab.
  2. Click the .htaccess Status icon.
  3. Click the Enable button to activate .htaccess file processing.
Notes: .htaccess and Mod-Rewrite are advanced topics covered in great detail online at

9.3 How to Create Custom Error Pages
Netfirms gives you the ability to customize the error messages and pages that are displayed in the browser when people type in an incorrect webpage address for your domain name. This is done through the use of an .htaccess file.
  1. Open a text editor such as notepage and insert the following on a single line:
    ErrorDocument 404
  2. Save the file with the filename: .htaccess
  3. Upload the file to your webspace (see section 4).
  4. Create an HTML page with the filename: notfound.html and upload this page to your webspace as well.
  5. Verify that this is working by visiting a non-existent webpage for your domain name, e.g.,


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