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  Domain Names

2.4 Transferring Registrars
Another method of using a domain name you registered elsewhere with Netfirms involves transferring the entire domain management to Netfirms. This is called a Registrar Transfer, and it allows you take advantage of Netfirms' low price.
  1. Click the Domains menu tab to access the Domain Manager.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Select the Transfer tab to move the registration to Netfirms.
  4. Enter the existing domain name under the Registrar Transfer section.
  5. Click the Transfer button. If the domain exists and is unlocked, the Order Summary window appears.
  6. Review the order summary to ensure the details are correct.
  7. Click the Order button. You will receive an e-mail from your current registrar confirming that you wish to transfer the domain to Netfirms.
Note: Make sure the domain is unlocked with the current registrar before you request a transfer. You cannot transfer domains that are suspended, expired, on hold or which have not been active for at least 60 days. Also, it can take up to seven days to complete the registrar transfer.


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