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7.2 How to Accept Payments Online
There are multiple payment modules you can install and use with your Commerce Pro store. Two popular options are and PayPal. Netfirms makes it easy to manage these options in one place, from the Commerce Pro control panel.
Steps to set up the PayPal payment module:
  1. Click the Site Tools menu tab.
  2. Click the Commerce Pro icon.
  3. Click the Admin button for the corresponding store. The Commerce Pro control panel appears.
  4. Under the Modules section, click the Payment hyperlink.
  5. Select PayPal.
  6. Click the Install button.
  7. Verify the information is correct.
  8. Click the Edit button to make any changes.
Notes: Before setting up PayPal on your Commerce Pro store, you need to create a free Website Payments Standard account with PayPal at
About PayPal: PayPal is the recommended option as it is free to set up an account, it supports all credit card types, and it works well with Commerce Pro.
About is a third party merchant gateway that allows merchants to securely accept credit card payments. The fee is $25 per month and you can sign up at


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