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3.5 How to Set Up Vacation Autoresponders
Vacation autoresponders automatically send pre-written e-mails when someone attempts to contact your e-mail address. This is useful if you are away (on vacation) for a period of time. You can set up autoresponders in the WebMail control panel.
  1. Log in to your WebMail account.
  2. On the WebMail control panel, click the Options button.
  3. Click the Vacation/Autoresponder hyperlink.
  4. Select the Activate vacation autoresponder check box.
  5. Enter a message in the Message text box.
  6. Click the Submit button.
Notes: In the Message text box, you may want to include the time frame you will be away and also an alternative method of contacting you.

3.6 How to Set Up Spam Filtering in WebMail
Netfirms provides a sophisticated spam filtering system to stop span before it reaches your inbox. Spam filtering is disabled by default and must be configured from the WebMail options to filter unwanted e-mail. Once spam filtering is activated, you need to click the "This is Spam" link on each open e-mail to teach the system which types of e-mail are spam.
Steps to set up spam filtering:
  1. Log in to your WebMail account (as per section 3.4).
  2. On the WebMail control panel, click the Options button.
  3. Click the Spam Filter hyperlink.
  4. Select the Yes radio button to enable spam filtering.
  5. Click the Submit button.
Steps to move spam to the Spam folder:
  1. Select the check box corresponding to the spam e-mail.
  2. Select Spam from the Move Selected To pull-down box.
  3. Click the Move button.
Notes: To move a spam message you are reading, click the This is Spam button.



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