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6.3 How to Set Up a Hit Counter
The Netfirms Hit Counter monitors how many people have visited your website. This feature is found on the Site Tools menu tab.
  1. Click the Site Tools menu tab.
  2. Click the Hit Counter icon.
  3. Select the radio button of the Counter Type you wish to install.
  4. Enter the numerals you want your counter to begin with in the initial counter value field.
  5. Select from the drop-down menu how many digits your counter will have.
  6. Click the Create button. The system will generate a unique HTML code.
  7. Copy the HTML code and paste it onto the HTML page where you want the counter displayed. The code will have a unique ID number that can be only be used on your website.
  8. Save the changes to your HTML page.
  9. Upload the file to your site.
Notes: The Netfirms Hit Counter will only work on Netfirms-hosted web pages within your account.


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