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Microsoft 365 - Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi or two-step verification is an effective way to increase security for Microsoft 365. When a customer logs in, Microsoft will send a code to their mobile phone. After entering the code, they will be able to login to their account. This can prevent hackers from accessing accounts, even if they know the password. Beginning in 2020, Microsoft 365 users will need to set up multi-factor authentication in order to access and use their services. This needs to be done from within the admin panel, and we cannot do this for the customer. This guide will provide resources for customers and steps to walk them through the process.

Important: If MFA is not enabled within 15 days, you will be locked out of your Microsoft account. At that point, you would need to contact us to escalate a ticket to regain access.
  • Admin User: Log in to the admin center of Microsoft 365 to enable multi-factor authentication for the organization. Please see Microsoft's Set up Multi-Factor Authentication documentation for step-by-step instructions.
    Once enabled:
  • Each Microsoft 365 User: Log in to your account to set up the two-factor authentication. Please see Microsoft's Set up Two-Factor Authentication documentation for step-by-step instructions.

If you do not save the App password in the steps above, you can reference 'Microsoft Account App Passwords' to reset the App passwords and connect your email clients (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Tablets).