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Online Security: SiteLock PCI Compliance Report

SiteLock's PCI Compliance Report FAQ

Online Security: SiteLock's PCI Compliance Report

What is PCI Compliance?

PCI Compliance is explained in our Online Security: CISP / PCI Compliance article.

How does SiteLock's PCI Compliance Report work?

Your payment provider (such as PayPal) will often scan your website to verify its PCI Compliance. They do this to ensure that any financial transactions that they help you process through your site are done in a safe and secure manner.

Unfortunately, your payment provider may have difficulty positively verifying that your website is safe. SiteLock's PCI Compliance report helps to give you proof that you are PCI compliant by showing when your WAF (Web Application Firewall) was active. Having the WAF active is a major factor in complying with PCI security standards.

What version of SiteLock do I need in order to have the PCI Compliance Report?

Please contact one of our experts via chat  for information on which package to acquire. A friendly security specialist will be more than happy to assist you.