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Online Security: SSLs (Secure Socket Layers) - Video

SSL is the Secure Socket Layer protocol that is responsible for creating secure communication between client and server. It is commonly essential for most online businesses, including banks, retailers, and publishers.  This is done by both server and client authentication through a security technique called encryption, which prevents eavesdropping by hackers and identity thieves. 

The benefit of using an SSL Certificate

1. An SSL certificate reduces your risk by keeping sensitive data collected on your website safe.
2. SSL security has a positive effect on its Google ranking.
3. Having HTTPS in the address bar and displaying a seal of trust increases customer confidence in your website and helps drive more sales.
4. SSL helps you satisfy PCI requirements.
5. SSL improves your website speed.

SSL Requirements:

1. You must have a live website.
2. Your name server and A record must point to the IP address associated with your hosting account.

Watch the video to see the click-by-click steps on enabling your free SSL.